Welcome to Black Literacy Matters

At the heart of Black Literacy Matters® mission is the recognition that Black Literacy Matters, and through a structured literacy lens, we aim to elevate society across all sectors. Our commitment is to empower Black children by providing structured literacy programs that nurture their foundational skills. By doing so, we believe in unlocking their full potential, fostering inclusive excellence, and contributing to a society where the benefits of literacy ripple through education, workforce, and every facet of life.

Black Literacy Matters stands out due to its commitment to structured literacy, empowerment, and societal impact. The mission uniquely combines a focus on foundational skills with a structured literacy lens, aiming not only to empower Black children but also to contribute to societal elevation across all sectors. The emphasis on inclusive excellence, unlocking full potential, and addressing systemic disparities sets Black Literacy Matters apart, making it a distinctive force in the pursuit of literacy improvement within the Black community.

Our Mission: Empowering society through Black Literacy, fostering inclusive excellence and societal impact.

“Reading is the new civil right.”