2025 Registration Details

Registration Details & Fees

2025 registration details and fee information coming soon! 

Who Should Attend?

Black Literacy Matters® serves a diverse range of individuals and groups within the Black community, with a focus on empowering and improving literacy outcomes. The organization is dedicated to serving:

  • Black Children: Providing structured literacy programs to empower Black children, nurture their foundational skills, and unlock their full potential.
  • Black Families and Caregivers: Offering resources, support, and guidance to parents and caregivers interested in fostering a literacy-rich environment at home and actively engaging in their child’s education.
  • Black Educators and Teachers: Supporting educators with professional development opportunities, resources, and innovative strategies to enhance literacy instruction tailored to the needs of Black students.
  • Black Communities: Engaging and collaborating with local communities to address literacy disparities, foster a culture of reading, and contribute to overall community development.
  • Black Students in Higher Education: Providing resources and support to Black students pursuing higher education, recognizing the importance of continued literacy development in academic success.
  • Education Advocates: Collaborating with individuals and groups advocating for educational equity and policy changes to ensure equal access to quality literacy education for Black learners.
  • Literacy Researchers: Partnering with researchers to contribute to the body of knowledge on effective literacy interventions and strategies for the Black community.
  • Policy Makers: Advocating for policy changes that address systemic barriers and promote equitable access to structured literacy education within the Black community.

By serving these diverse stakeholders, Black Literacy Matters aims to create a collective impact, fostering inclusive excellence and contributing to a society where the benefits of literacy ripple through education, workforce, and every facet of life.