2025 Call for Presentations

Presenting at the 2nd Annual National Black Literacy Matters Conference offers a unique opportunity to expand your literacy network and engage in a lifelong learning experience surrounded by like-minded advocates. Whether presenting individually or as part of a group, sharing a content-rich session is a powerful way to exchange knowledge, research, and evidence-based instructional practices. The conference’s community-driven program aims to spotlight best practices, effective collaborations, valuable lessons, and community-wide solutions to issues facing our Black children and youth.

Whether you’re a first-time contributor or a seasoned presenter, we eagerly invite your submission! Please carefully review the information on this page before crafting your proposal, ensuring submission by the deadline: Sunday, December 15th, 2024; 5pm CST.

Ready to embark on this journey? Explore the steps and submission guidelines outlined below:

Steps to Submit a Presentation

  1. Develop your presentation.


  2. Submit your presentation using the online submission form by Sunday, December 15th, 2024 at 5pm CST. Submitters will be notified about decisions in mid January 2025.

  3. If your proposal is accepted, attend and present at the National Black Literacy Matters Conference in Omaha, Nebraska from Wednesday, March 19th to Friday, March 21st, 2025.

Proposal Submission

Within the Black Literacy Matters Conference submission site, you will be asked the following information:

  • Presentation Title: This is a short title of 10 words or less that is creative, yet descriptive. We ask that you do not use institution, company, or product names anywhere in the title.


  • Brief Presentation Description: This is a short description of 250 words or less that describes what your presentation is about. If your proposal is accepted, this brief description is what most attendees will use to make decisions about which sessions to attend. What can you say that will encourage individuals to attend your session?
  • Name & Biography of Primary Presenter & Co-Presenters
  • Type of Presentation & Topic Track 
  • Contact Email & Phone Number for Primary Presenter

  • Full Presentation Proposal: This is where you get to more fully describe the plan for your session and the importance, relevance, value, uniqueness and/or interest to our conference attendees. You’ll describe how the session will unfold (timetable), the key findings or points you will present, supporting evidence, and so forth.

What are the Topic Tracks?

The 2nd Annual National Black Literacy Matters Conference will feature a diverse range of topics that align with the mission of empowering Black children through structured literacy programs and contributing to societal elevation. Presentation topics may include:

Historical Perspectives and Legacy: Presentations focusing on the historical context of Black literacy struggles, achievements, and the legacy of literacy initiatives in Black communities

    Empowering Practices in Education: Workshops and presentations on effective teaching strategies, curriculum development, and educational policies that promote Black literacy and empowerment

    Community Engagement and Advocacy: Sessions highlighting community-based literacy programs, parent and community involvement in education, and grassroots advocacy efforts for Black literacy

    Technology and Innovation in Literacy: Presentations on leveraging technology, digital resources, and innovative approaches to enhance Black literacy outcomes and engagement

      Cultural Relevance and Representation: Workshops exploring the importance of culturally relevant literacy materials, diverse representation in literature, and fostering identity-affirming literacy experiences for Black learners

        Research and Data in Black Literacy: Sessions focused on research findings, data analysis, and evidence-based practices to address literacy disparities and improve outcomes for Black students

        Literacy Across Generations: Presentations on intergenerational literacy programs, family literacy initiatives, and strategies for fostering a love of reading and writing across generations within Black communities.

        These tracks cover a broad range of topics relevant to the theme, providing a comprehensive platform for presenters to contribute to the conversation on Black literacy.

        Selection Process

        Proposals are selected to ensure the Black Literacy Matters Conference offers a comprehensive program rooted in evidence-based practices, ensuring a liberatory-lens for the exploration of literacy issues within Black communities. Proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Program Committee and peer reviewers using the following selection criteria:

        Relevance of Topic: Is the topic of relevance, importance, value, and/or interest to educators and families of Black children? 

        Session Outcomes Achievability: Is there alignment between the stated session outcomes and the proposal description?

        Quality of Submission: Does the proposal demonstrate quality, as measured by accuracy, clarity, comprehensiveness, and depth of demonstrated understanding of the topic?

        Engagement/Knowledge Transfer: Does the proposal provoke discussion, audience engagement, and/or facilitate knowledge transfer and development of new competency?

        Submission Guidelines

        Presenter Discount: All accepted speakers will receive a special promo code for discounted registration. We ask that individuals submitting proposals not register for the conference until they receive notification of acceptance in mid January 2025.

        Presenter Registration: Presenters are responsible for registering in advance for the conference, paying the discounted registration fee, and securing and paying for travel and lodging. Black Literacy Matters will not cover any additional costs such as per diem expenses or fees for online tools or preparation of presentation materials.

        Presenter Commitment: Acceptance notifications will be sent mid January 2025. All selected presenters must agree to and complete speaker agreement forms in order to be confirmed for a session. Do not list presenters without their commitment that they will participate and that they agree to the terms and conditions for participation.

        Session Titles/Descriptions: The Conference Program Committee reserves the right to edit presentation titles and/or edit the session abstract for program publications. Proposal titles and abstracts cannot be changed after the review and selection process.

        Session Resources: Presenters will be required to upload their presentations and/or supporting materials and resources prior to the conference. These valuable resources will then be posted for attendees to access beyond the session. If your proposal is selected, you will be provided with further instructions on uploading your presentation materials.

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