Unlock the power of change by supporting Black Literacy Matters! The stark reality revealed by the National Association of Educational Progress in 2019 (pre-COVID-19) for Black students in Nebraska is alarming. A mere 12% of all Black 4th graders and only 15% of 8th graders were proficient in reading, leaving a staggering 88% of 4th graders and 85% of 8th graders functionally illiterate or lacking basic reading skills.

Now, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the learning loss has exacerbated these already concerning statistics. This is why the call for Black Literacy Matters echoes louder than ever. Join us in rewriting this narrative and addressing a pressing human, civil, and social justice issue of our time!

Your contribution will fuel the transformation of these disheartening numbers into a success story for Black students. Together, let’s bridge the literacy gap, empower minds, and champion the cause of Black Literacy. Act now to be a part of a movement that shapes a brighter future for our community. Donate and make a difference today!

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